Mobile and Farm Equipment Recycling

While we do not buy cars, trucks, buses, etc., we do buy other types of mobile equipment.  We also do not accept whole mobile homes due to the large amount of non-metallic content (wood, glass windows, etc.).  We will buy metal that you strip off vehicles (hoods, fenders, frame, engine, transmission, bumpers, wheels, etc.) as well as metal you remove from mobile homes.

If you have an old trailer that was pulled by your car, truck or tractor we can buy that.

Lawnmowers, tillers, ATV’s, scooters, etc. are acceptable as shredder scrap.  All we ask is that you drain the gasoline and oil before hauling them in for recycling.

Farm tractors are bought as a different grade of scrap iron, and should have the fuel, oil and rubber tires removed.  Otherwise we will make a weight deduction for tires when the tractor arrives.

One valuable tip:  when scrapping a piece of mobile equipment, remove the lead-acid battery and sell it separately.  You will receive about twice as much money per pound compared to scrap iron.  You will also get more money for copper wire and aluminum parts that the steel has been stripped out of.

We buy farm equipment such as plows, harrows, planters, manure spreaders, combines, corn-pickers, etc.  With smaller tires on equipment, we generally don’t take a weight deduction.  If you can pull the machine in behind a truck, or load it onto a vehicle, we will buy it.

In the case of wheels that have been taken off equipment or vehicles, we only pay for the wheel if the tire has been removed.