Air Conditioner Radiator Recycling

Air conditioners are built with a radiator that has aluminum fins and copper tubes.  While you might think the copper and aluminum have to be separated to bring a good price, that’s not the case – this item sells just the way it is, except you have to remove the thin steel plates from the ends.

You will see that the copper tubes come out the end of the radiator through the steel plate, then make a u-turn and go back in.  You can chisel or saw these “U’s” off, then knock the plate off the ends.  Once finished, you have an item ready to bring top price.

Some AC units are built with an all-aluminum radiator – there are no copper tubes. Again, be sure to remove any steel mounting plates if you want to get the best price.

Be aware – if you take an air conditioner out of service, it is illegal to cut the line and let the refrigerant (Freon) escape into the atmosphere.  The Environmental Protection Agency requires that a licensed technician remove the refrigerant before the unit is disassembled.