Industrial Gases and Welding Supplies

Local torch operators and welders come to us for gases and welding supplies.

We are a PRAXAIR dealer and carry the following:





          Carbon Dioxide

          Argon/CO2 Mixture


          Star-Flame Propane

In our office/store we keep various accessories for cutting and welding:

            Torch Outfits, Hoses, Regulators, Regulator Stems & Nuts, Gauges, Adaptors

            Cutting Glasses & Goggles, Lighters, Flints, Tip Cleaners, Replacement Tips

            Welding Helmets, Lenses, Electrode Holders, Ground Clamps, Welding Leads

            Welding Rod and Wire, Replacement Tips

            Work Gloves, Welder’s Gloves

            Hose Repairs, Couplers, Splicers

What we don’t have in stock we can order.  Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to get you fixed up.